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Sleepwell Majestica Memory

Project Description:

The Sleepwell Majestica Memory Mattress is ideal for anyone who is currently using a cotton, coir or basic PU foam mattress, and is looking to upgrade to something substantially more comfortable.

The top (comfort) layer of this mattress is made from our proprietary thermo-adapt memory foam that is both temperature & pressure sensitive meaning that it tends to mould itself to the shape of your body. This means that you no longer have to worry about blood circulation getting cut off while you sleep and ~ 80% less tossing & turning through the night.The base (support) layer is made from our signature high resilience (HR) foam that works through the night to counter the force of gravity that is pulling your body downwards, and in the process ensures that every part of your body is adequately supported.


Plush comfort

Assured warranty

Allergen protection

Anti-skid bottom

Optimal comfort

Physical stress relief

Natural shape adaptability

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